Why Is Everyone Talking About The Springfield XD Line?

THE Polymer Pistol

If I say “polymer pistol platform” you probably think “Glock” (after you congratulate me on my awesome alliteration). There’s another player on the polymer scene, though, and it’s even converted some die-hard Glock fans to the Springfield side.

largealtimage5-xd-mod-2Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite line of pistols: Springfield Armory’s XD line is an outstanding platform, with out-of-the-box performance that is hard to rival. XDs of all shapes and sizes are known for their incredible ergonomics, which is easier to explain than it is to spell. Users and reviewers from around the country often describe the shooting experience as feeling like an extension of the arm – XD grips are shaped and angled perfectly to make handling and aiming natural, intuitive, and accurate. Drawing and firing an XD, XDm, or XDs feels completely natural…and don’t tell your Glock obsessed buddy, but in general, XD pistols are better at managing recoil than comparable Glocks.

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