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Fear-based legislation is out of control. It’s not just a matter of trading a little freedom for a semblance of security. That’s an illusion…but you already know that gun control is about the control, not about the guns. All you have to do to prove it is look at the current laws on suppressors (silencers), laws that have no logical basis or grounding in fact. There’s so much superstition and confusion on the topic that most people think it’s outright illegal to have a silencer at all.

In actuality, it’s not illegal to own and use suppressors – and in fact they make your gun SAFER…but thanks to the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934, they are heavily regulated by people whose knowledge of the wide world of firearms is limited to Hollywood drama, skewed statistics, and shoddy late-night news reporting.

The truth about silencers isn’t widely known because most Americans (despite being told since childhood that movies aren’t real) actually believe that silencers are high-tech gadgets specially designed for spies and assassins to make murder quick and easy. You, of course, know this isn’t the case. But odds are you haven’t had much experience with suppressors, either, and that’s okay.

Even if you’ve never shot with one before, a suppressor can help you make the most of your range time. You’re shooting experience will, of course, be quieter, but it will also be safer…more accurate…more comfortable…more fun…and less of an annoyance to any neighbors who might be of that suburban type that love to complain about noise.

Imagine for a moment that, after a long week hard at work, you’ve finally got a Saturday off and you plan to blow off some steam at the range. The sun is shining, there’s a gentle breeze, and you can’t wait to feel that trigger under your finger. You set up your targets, take your place at the firing line, and don your protective eye gear. Earlier this week, you picked up your brand new suppressor, so you don’t even need earplugs for this round of shooting. With the ‘can’ attached, your gun is just a little heavier, and a whole lot cooler looking. You squeeze off the first shot: it’s a bulls-eye. In fact, your grouping has never been better! Time flies since you’re not experiencing the usual hand fatigue from controlling recoil, and you’re not only shooting more accurately, but your follow-through is faster, too. The range is happy because none of the neighbors are complaining about the loud, obnoxious gunfire. Actually, the sound of the projectile hitting the target is louder than the gunshot. Before you know it, you’ve gone through a hundred rounds, and your accuracy is just as good right before you pack up as it was when you took your first shot. Your wrists aren’t even remotely sore despite hours of plinking.

large-SUP-CF-PHAL-308_PrimaryDoes that sound scary to you? The truth is far different than what the government would have you believe. Ask yourself this – if gun regulations were actually about safety, wouldn’t they encourage every gun owner to have and use an attachment that makes shooting safer, more accurate, and less of a health risk? With that in mind, remember that it’s people like you standing up for your rights that helps stem the gradual erosion of our freedoms and keeps an increasingly tyrannical government at bay. As you and people like you learn the facts and exercise their rights, more people are exposed to gun owners in a positive, constructive way. Instead of relying only on the drivel that spews from their televisions, they’ll remember the real people in real situations that educated them on the reality of shooting sports.

As much as your shooting skill will improve thanks to a good suppressor, we should point out again that these items are heavily regulated and laws vary from state to state. We’re not lawyers, just shooting enthusiasts like you who happen to have a bit of expertise, so if you’ve got questions about what you have to do to own a silencer in your state, either ask a local attorney specializing in firearms or give us a call and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction. To own a suppressor in most states, you only have to purchase a tax stamp for each NFA regulated item. There are strict laws about who can have access to NFA items once they are in your house, and the way the ATF enforces them can lead to situations where family members can be entrapped and even convicted of felony charges through no fault of their own. To prevent that from happening, we recommend setting up a trust. To do this, contact an attorney in your state specializing in NFA trusts or call us for help finding someone. In Virginia, we highly recommend The Law Office of John Pierce, Esq.

NFA Trusts are a simple, legally sound way of protecting you and your family from accidentally breaking the counter-intuitive ATF laws. Again, your attorney will explain this in more detail, but the basic idea is that you’ll create a legal trust including the members of your immediate family, anyone who might theoretically have access to your suppressor when you’re not around. (Even just knowing the code to your gun safe is considered ‘possession’ by the ATF.) Once your trust is complete, any NFA items like suppressors will be purchased “by the trust” and your rights are preserved, your family is protected, and you’ve legally and effectively avoided a lot of bureaucratic red tape designed to sneakily restrict citizens’ rights.

largealtimage2-SUP-PT-PEAC-22_CamoOnce your trust is set up through a simple, easy process, you’re well on your way to a better shooting experience. It’s worth the trouble, even just to stand up to the bullies in the ATF who think they can push around ordinary citizens with a few shady regulations. When, finally, you bring home that shiny (or not shiny if you’d prefer a more tactical finish) new can, you’ll quickly find out just how much of a difference a simple piece of equipment can make. You’ll enjoy benefits like:

Easier and more effective training of new shooters. Since you don’t need to use hearing protection with a suppressor, communicating is clearer and easier. No more yelling over gunfire and earplugs to be heard. Questions and instructions are conveyed quickly and clearly. Plus, since the recoil, muzzle flash, muzzle flip, and BANG are drastically reduced with a silencer, new shooters are highly unlikely to pick up bad habits like flinching, anticipation, and closing their eyes.

A much safer shooting environment. Not wearing hearing protection means you can more easily hear if someone approaches the range, so if a child or family pet innocently wanders into the line of fire, your improved situational awareness will alert you of the risk long before you might see them. Suppressors also give you greater control over your firearm, and better control and accuracy means less likelihood of a shot going wild. In low light environments, muzzle flash can be blinding, but suppressors reduce that, too, making it safer for you AND any spectators if you’re shooting right up until dusk.

Fewer overall health risks. Exposure to loud noises, like gunshots, contributes to hearing loss over time, which is why hearing protection is so vital when shooting un-suppressed. With a suppressor, though, the sound of the bullet striking the target or backdrop can actually louder than the gunshot itself depending on the caliber and model, so the risk of damage to your hearing is virtually eliminated. The volume of the report will vary depending on several factors, and it will never be “silent” as the name silencer suggests, but the sound is significantly diminished to safe levels. This is especially valuable when shooting at an indoor range where loud noises can echo and amplify. In addition to that, there’s less concussive force with each shot, so your body takes less of a beating during your range time, and you’re going to leave the range feeling relaxed, not worn out.

Your neighbors will love it! Living in the country is great, but having a neighbor that loves to complain about shooting noise takes the fun out of it. If you happen to be lucky enough to be able to shoot safely and legally on your own land, shooting suppressed is definitely the way to go. Your nosy neighbors won’t even know you’re shooting. (In fact, the suppressor was actually invented by Hiram P. Maxim in response to noise complaints from his neighbors.)

The best hunting of your life. If hunting with suppressors is legal in your county and state, it’s the edge you need to go from a good hunter to a great one. Aside from the obvious benefit that animals usually can’t tell the exact direction your shot came from (they’re likely to react from the sound of the projectile striking something and actually bolt towards you) you’ll have a better follow through, keeping your crosshairs on the target when it counts for that follow-up shot.

That action-movie image of a savvy criminal murdering his unsuspected victim with the aid of a silencer is just a bunch of hooey. Here are the facts: the National Shooting Sports Foundation cites an infamous study in which it was discovered that less than one tenth of one percent of of armed robberies include the use of a suppressor. That same study goes on to point out that out of ALL HOMICIDES in federal court, still less than one tenth of one percent involved silencers. 0.1%! The truth is that suppressors don’t “silence” the noise – there’s still a sound – and they’re not exactly quick and easy to access. Far from the James Bond version of events, it turns out that they’re far more effective as a safety measure than a tool for stealthy assassinations.

large-TBA-Mini-Peacemaker-22Here at Gadsden Guns, we love our cans. We also take our patriotic duty very seriously, and that’s why we’re willing to spend as much time with you as you need to get all of your questions answered and help point you in the right direction to get started on your NFA journey. Most online gun stores are just a person behind a webpage, but our small, expert staff is on hand to give you real service, both online and in our physical store. Our customers frequently become some of our closest friends as we find others in the shooting community that are just as committed to freedom and independence as we are. Once upon a time, we, too, were just learning how to navigate the red tape, how to understand the restrictive ATF rules and how to legally exercise our rights. It makes all the difference to have someone to talk to that will be honest, straightforward, and helpful, and if we don’t know the answer, at least we can refer you to somebody who does.

Maybe you can’t just click “ADD TO CART” and start enjoying a better shooting experience with a brand new suppressor next week, but you can get started right now. Take a look at our online selection now and get an idea of what you’d like to try, then we’ll help you through the paperwork. And, if you happen to be looking for a specific brand, model, or type of suppressor that you don’t see on the site, send us a quick message – we can probably get it for you at a highly competitive price.

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