On Our Radar: AGrip

Maybe you’ve heard about AGrip. Maybe you’ve been told to get a grip. I mean, AGrip…

Either way, Brooks Tactical’s high-tech grip enhancing material is on our radar, and it should be on yours, too. We’ve been putting AGrip through its paces, and so far, we’re pretty impressed with the results. Stay tuned in the near future for more on how AGrip can give you a tactical advantage when speed and accuracy count, but for now, let’s talk basics.

Gadsden AGrip 3
What it is: AGrip is a thin material that can be applied to firearm grips, knife handles, hunting equipment, or anything else that requires a firm, steady grip. It’s a tactical solution that works even with wet, sweaty, oily, or dirty hands in all conditions. Put simply, AGrip makes it easy to get a grip, and keep it.

Why does it matter? Have you ever noticed how much dexterity you lose when your hands are cold and wet? Or maybe how exhausting it is to shoot when your hands are sweaty, so you get those raw spots where the recoil makes the grip rub against your palm? AGrip makes it much more comfortable to shoot in less than ideal conditions, but it also improves your accuracy by helping reduce recoil and muzzle flip so you follow through and get back on target faster. Aside from comfort, AGrip gives you a real tactical advantage in competition shooting, and if there ever comes a situation where you’d need to use your firearm in self defense, AGrip might save your life.

How does it work? I’ve heard people compare AGrip to skateboard tape, but it’s really not similar at all. The basic idea might have some similarities, but AGrip does much more than provide a little extra traction. For one thing, it’s comfortable against your hands, which I, for one, appreciate. AGrip’s advanced engineering means that it works BETTER when it’s wet, solidifying your grip in situations where your accuracy would otherwise suffer. On top of that, it acts as an insulator, protecting your hands from heat or cold, making it an ideal covering for grip surfaces that might get hot during use. And don’t worry, it’s flame resistant, too, and won’t peel off with repeated use, temperature fluctuations, or exposure to water and humidity. Basically, the worse the conditions, the better AGrip performs.

Gadsden AGrip 5We put AGrip to the test and found that even in my (girly) hands, it made a huge difference. First, I held a gun without AGrip and another, stronger person grabbed it and tried to pull it away from me. I held on, but just barely, and I had abrasions on my palms to prove it. The AGrip gun was much easier to hold onto, and much more comfortable, too. Next, we repeated the exercise with wet hands. With the non AGrip gun, there was NO WAY I was going to hang onto that weapon with wet hands. It just wasn’t happening, and it wasn’t even soaking wet, just a bit damp. The AGrip gun? It didn’t budge, even though the other person was stronger than me. In fact, when the AGrip gun was twisted in my hands, it didn’t slide at all, and it wasn’t uncomfortable to hold. My hands fared far better with the damp AGrip than with the dry non-AGripped (I just invented that word) handle.

But wait, there’s more!

RWT AGrip 5AGrip can be applied over buttons and switches, like the magazine release, without any negative effects. In fact, it actually makes it easier to change mags on the fly because your thumb doesn’t have to be directly over the mag release button to push it. You can actually see in this picture where the AGrip has been applied on top of the magazine release, which has since been used quite a few times. The wear doesn’t show on the AGrip because the material is made for this kind of use – it’s not going to wear out any time soon, even on our frequently handled ‘demo’ model in the store.

AGrip is easy to apply and comes in a variety of pre-cut models to fit most firearms, or you can buy uncut sheets to use with knives, longbows, pull-up bars, whatever. Don’t worry if you’re not the do-it-yourself kind of person. To make it easier to apply, AGrip can be peeled back and re-positioned. It sets with pressure, and if you decide you want to remove it later, you can without any residue left behind. We think it’s just about the most user friendly accessory you can get, and it’s a great value for everything it does to improve your shooting experience. We at Gadsden Guns are big fans, and if you’d like to see, touch, and feel before you make a decision, feel free to stop by our physical store and ask us about it.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference, and AGrip is one of those little things. It’s inexpensive and packs a huge tactical punch, plus it’s so versatile we’re still blown away by everything it can do. Have you tried it? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment here, on our Facebook page, or drop in at the store and tell us what you think. We’re itching to hear how you’ve applied AGrip and what it’s done for you!

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