mothers and daughters shooting together with fully automatic mac-10 and suppressor AKA silencer

Let’s talk “assault” weapons – do you know the truth?

Ask the average person what an assault rifle is and you’ll get a lot of interesting answers. Is it a tactical weapon designed for military use? A hunting rifle with special attachments to make it more deadly? Does it have to be a specific caliber or made by a certain manufacturer to qualify? In all honesty, the actual definition of “assault rifle” doesn’t have anything to do with its intended use, caliber, bullet velocity, manufacture, or size…but has everything to do with fear and ignorance.

One of the manipulation tactics often employed by politicians to influence the masses is the control of language. Instead of “Anti-Privacy Act” you get “Patriot Act” because it sounds better…you’re patriotic, aren’t you? The same goes for “Affordable Healthcare Act” and “Terrorist.” The emotional connotation attached to the wording does more to sway public opinion than the actual meaning behind it. They’re banking on you NOT knowing the facts, so you’ll buy whatever they’re selling.

So what are politicians selling when they call a gun an “assault” rifle?

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What does Gadsden Guns even mean?

gadsden flagYou’ve probably seen that bright yellow flag with the coiled rattlesnake before. In fact, if you’re reading this, there’s really no way you can miss it. In recent years, there’s been a massive resurgence of the Gadsden Flag. All over the country, Americans are flying the bright banner emblazoned with the iconic words Don’t Tread On Me, but what does that mean?

Odds are, you’ve sat through a history class at some point in your life and heard a teacher talk about the history and meaning behind this icon. Perhaps that was a long time ago, though, and perhaps you didn’t get the whole story. I know in my case, there’s a lot from my school days that I don’t really remember, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In case you’re like me and need a refresher, let’s talk history. You might be surprised at how relevant it still is.

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