You Can’t Measure That

The internet is full of shady statistics.

Even accurate statistics are used to tell half truths or lead you to false conclusions. You already know this, of course. Nobody needs to remind you that numbers are easy to manipulate.

For example, that stat that’s been floating around claiming that there have been more “mass shootings” than days of this year might be technically factual, if you’re willing to include in that figure all incidents of gang violence, defensive firearm uses, inner city scuffles that resulted in minor injuries at best, and events that were alluded to in news outlets but may not have actually occurred.

Most of the time, you’re seeing numbers without any context – and context is everything.

where do criminals get gunsWhen we brought you the most recent research as to where guns used in crimes have been obtained, we also reminded you that these numbers came from a 20 year old survey of prison inmates and agreed that they are probably not entirely accurate despite being the best information available.

You’re smart enough to draw your own conclusions, but conclusions are only as good as the information used to come to them. People that disagree with us aren’t stupid. Far from it, in fact. Lots of educated, intelligent people hold very strong beliefs that contradict the things for which we at Gadsden Guns stand, and it has nothing to do with their being more or less intelligent than anyone here. The difference lies only in our separate experiences access to information.

All the statistics in the world can’t contradict a person’s experience – and there’s a good reason for that.

Think of it this way:

Most of what goes on in a person’s life can’t be measured.

You can’t measure the sense of elation when a good song comes on the radio and fond memories of old friends come rushing back.

You can’t measure how much it means to a family when a child who has to spend Christmas in the hospital gets a special visit from Santa Claus, complete with the one gift that kid wanted but mom and dad couldn’t afford.

You can’t measure the difference it makes in a person’s life when they find out that unconditional love really exists.

It’s these experiences that can’t be measured that shape our thoughts and opinions and set our priorities…and much of the gun control debate is based on these things that are so difficult to explain or quantify. It can’t be summed up in a neat little chart or compressed to a bumper sticker.

gadsden gun bk 8950670 indigoWhen a victim of horrific violence or sexual assault finally finds the courage to start rebuilding his or her life, all because appropriate self defense training and a legally owned pistol give them the confidence, assurance, and tools so that they don’t have to be a victim anymore…you can’t measure that.

You also can’t measure what DIDN’T happen.

There’s some disagreement about whether firearms are or are not a deterrent for violent crime, but we ask you to consider this:

How often is the president or his family attacked?

How often do you think there would be attacks if they weren’t continually surrounded by armed secret service members?

When a family sleeps safely through the night because a would-be robber knows that there are guns in the house, and that the members of said family are trained to use them…you can’t measure that.

Neither can you measure how many terrorist attacks, war invasions, or potentially oppressive government actions have been averted over the years because of an armed populace. That number very well might be 0, or it might be thousands. We have no way to know what “would have” happened, and speculation is largely useless.

You can’t measure how many convenience store robberies, carjackings, and assaults haven’t happened because a would-be victim legally carries a gun.

You can’t measure how many lives have been saved, how many parents are able to come home and take care of their children every night, because a gun kept them safe – even if it wasn’t their own.

See, even people who don’t choose to own a firearm for whatever reason might benefit from legal gun ownership. Just like the police carry guns to protect citizens, so too do the citizens themselves.

What’s the real difference between those who are for gun ownership and those who would deny you the right?

A gun control activist says: “SOMEONE should protect my family!

A gun owner says: “I protect my family.

And you can’t measure that.

What do you think?

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