Why Is Everyone Talking About The Springfield XD Line?

THE Polymer Pistol

If I say “polymer pistol platform” you probably think “Glock” (after you congratulate me on my awesome alliteration). There’s another player on the polymer scene, though, and it’s even converted some die-hard Glock fans to the Springfield side.

largealtimage5-xd-mod-2Allow me to introduce you to your new favorite line of pistols: Springfield Armory’s XD line is an outstanding platform, with out-of-the-box performance that is hard to rival. XDs of all shapes and sizes are known for their incredible ergonomics, which is easier to explain than it is to spell. Users and reviewers from around the country often describe the shooting experience as feeling like an extension of the arm – XD grips are shaped and angled perfectly to make handling and aiming natural, intuitive, and accurate. Drawing and firing an XD, XDm, or XDs feels completely natural…and don’t tell your Glock obsessed buddy, but in general, XD pistols are better at managing recoil than comparable Glocks.

It’s So Freaking Easy

Those aforementioned fans of Glock will tell you that a Glock can be pulled out of the box and taken straight to the range, and the performance will be great every time. By and large, that’s true, but Glock no longer corners that market.

real guns have curves xdm

XD pistols are reliable right out of the box, too, with some added benefits. Aside from being infinitely more comfortable to carry and grip, XDs include features like a grip safety that automatically disengages when you hold it properly, but prevent any accidental discharges. In a high stress situation, that’s a HUGE advantage, because you still get the benefit of a safety without having to remember any extra steps to fire. Unlike thumb safeties, which you have to manually disengage and could cost you precious seconds when it counts, the grip safety is automatic – it’s only active when you’re NOT gripping the gun.

Those little differences in design lead to huge advantages in comfort, accuracy, and speed…especially when it comes to our current favorite in the XD line.

The XDm Competition 9mm – One Sexy (Son of a) Gun

Competition shooters, always looking for that little extra advantage, rarely use an out-of-the-box pistol for matches. Springfield Armory set out to design and build a gun that CAN go right from the dealership to the firing line, and can bring home the trophy to boot. We think they did a doggone good job of it. There’s a picture of it above, proudly declaring that real guns have curves.

Their competition model takes that ergonomic design up a notch – the XDm Competition comes with interchangeable backstraps to make darned sure this gun fits your hand the way you need it to. Aiming is effortless and natural…and a lot faster and accurate, thanks to the low-profile adjustable rear sight, fiber optic front sight, and a phenomenal sight radius. Springfield knew that most competitors pry off the dovetail sights that come standard on most guns and replace them, but that often results in sights that sit high on top of the gun, which can snag and slow you down. Including the low-profile, adjustable sights from the start is just one of the details that make the XDm Competition stand out.

That Competitive Edge

Oh, but that’s far from all. Just read the reviews floating around out there on blogs and forums. Over and over, shooters mention immediate increases in accuracy and speed, directly from the box to the range. Springfield raised the bar on this one, and it shows in performance.

largealtimage4-XDM403Those sleek markings on the grip and slide aren’t just for decoration, you know. They help you get a grip, which means you draw faster, get on target quicker, and your follow through is better. Okay, we agree, they do make it look a little more badass, too. Let’s call it aesthetically pleasing.

The space in the slide, called a “lightening cut,” literally because it lightens the slide, makes the XDm Competition cycle faster and opens up a wider range of ammunition choices. For those who shoot wimpy…er, excuse us,¬†competition…rounds, you won’t have any issues with cycling. Put it to the test. The XDm Competition is engineered to operate perfectly and give you that competitive edge without ever having to change a thing.

But If You Want To Change Something…

Then again, it’s nice to personalize. You don’t have to, but anticipating that you’d probably¬†want to, Springfield designed the XDm Competition to be easy to customized, including an under barrel equipment rail for all of your tacti-cool attachments. It can be field stripped without pulling the trigger, another innate safety feature, and comes with 3 backstrap profiles for that perfect grip.

largealtimage2-xd-mod-2We’re not saying that a Glock is a bad gun. In fact, we love them! We’re just saying that the XD is a pretty phenomenal firearm, too, and you should definitely consider trying one out.

To make the decision a little easier, we’re currently offering discounts on most XD and XDM pistols! Stop by our webstore or see us in person to get a great deal today. This sale isn’t going to last forever…don’t miss your chance to get hands on a gun that makes accuracy so natural you’ll think you did it yourself.

What do you think?

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