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Finding the information you need can be a daunting task. While we at Gadsden Guns may not have all the answers, (for example, we can’t help you find your lost car keys. Sorry!) we know some people and organizations that can help you with many of your firearms-related questions. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, come on over to our main website and give us a call or email. We’ll do what we can to at least point you in the right direction.

Organizations we love:
Virginia residents should absolutely get in touch with the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League. VCDL is a phenomenal organization, and in addition to fighting daily to preserve and expand your rights, they can help you keep track of important local and national legal changes, provide advice on which businesses are second amendment friendly, refer you to knowledgeable lawyers should you ever need one, and they even host events where you can meet other like-minded citizens. Gadsden Guns frequently offers discounts to VCDL members, but we think you’ll find your membership valuable far beyond that.

On a national scale, another lobbyist group that doesn’t compromise when it comes to fighting for individual rights is Gun Owners of America. The GOA provides a wealth of information and resources not only for gun owners, but also for those just starting to wonder about the benefits and responsibilities of gun ownership in the United States. You can certainly access their digital library of articles and videos without a membership, but we encourage you to consider contributing if you feel you’ve gotten a fair value from their offerings.

Education is undeniably one of this country’s most valuable resources. It can be frustrating trying to find legal information online, we know, and we recommend as a starting point for most people looking to get educated on firearm ownership in the United States. Be aware, though, that law is an ever changing and often confusing topic, so while we highly recommend that you strive for knowledge, if you’re ever the least bit unsure, it’s always best to consult with a competent, licensed attorney. The law changes rapidly, and most Americans do not have the resources or skills to find and interpret the most recent legal changes. With severe penalties possible for even accidental violations of firearm laws, we advise our readers to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that you’re doing things right.

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