They’re HERE!

We’re very excited to announce that the new tee-shirt designs have finally arrived! Stop by in person to see them, or check out our selection here.

11831736_1039402752750603_8325915964038452766_nThese designs are poignant ways to express that you won’t stand for discrimination of any kind, and that self defense is a human right, not something that the government has any authority to take away. We’re not even done unpacking, and already, these new shirts have been causing a stir. Make sure you get yours before they’re sold out, otherwise you’ll have to wait while we reorder.

This is the first time we’ve offered a variety of colors like this, and these designs can’t be found anywhere else. You can see more images on our Facebook page and read more about the thought and meaning behind the designs here. We’re proud to offer these original tee-shirt designs as a way to tell the world exactly what we stand for, and hope that the images will spark conversations and inspire some thought among the general public.

Again, these designs have already been incredibly popular, and they just arrived today. Come see us in the store or head over to the website to select your size and color while supplies last.

gadsden gun bk 8950670 indigo

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